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:[[image:ahmed.png|frameless|80px|border|Ahmed Roman|link=]] Ahmed Roman
:[[image:ahmed.png|frameless|80px|border|Ahmed Roman|link=]] Ahmed Roman
:[[image:mahajabin.jpg|frameless|80px|border|Mahajabin Rahman|link=]] Mahajabin Rahman
:[[image:mahajabin.png|frameless|80px|border|Mahajabin Rahman|link=]] Mahajabin Rahman

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Group Pictures

Group Picture

May 2018. Group picnic at Stone Mountain. Left to right: David, Ilya, Yoni, Roni, Nomi, Ahmed, Stas, Baohua.

Previous group pictures

Current Lab Members

The Boss
Ilya Nemenman Ilya Nemenman, Professor of Physics and Biology, CV.
Postdoctoral Fellows
David Hofmann David Hofmann
Itai Pinkovezky Itai Pinkovezky
Michael Martini Michael Martini
Graduate Students
Baohua Zhou Baohua Zhou
Catalina Rivera Catalina Rivera
Joe Natale Joe Natale
Ahmed Roman Ahmed Roman
Mahajabin Rahman Mahajabin Rahman
Rotation Students
Undergraduate Students
Ruomin Zhu


Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Damian Hernandez, 2015--2017. Currently: Assistnat Professor, Centro Atomico Bariloche, Atgentina.
  • Andrew Mugler, 2013--2014. Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Purdue University.
  • Martin Tchernookov, 2010--2013. Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Madison, Whitewater.
  • Lina Merchan, 2012--2013. Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Savannah State University.
  • Sorin Tanase Nicola, 2010--2011. Currently: Assistant Professor, Department for Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • Brian Munsky, 2008--2009. Currently: Assistant Professor, Colorado State University.
  • Golan Bel, 2008--2009. Currently: Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), Department of Environmental Physics, Ben Gurion University.
  • Nikolai Sinitsyn, 2006--2009. Currently: Staff Member at LANL.
Graduate Students
  • George Leung (PhD).
  • Xinxian Shao (PhD).
  • Vijay Singh (PhD). Currently: postdoctoral fellow at U Penn, Physics/Neuroscience.
  • Jakub Otwinowski (PhD). Currently: postdoc at U Penn, Biology.
  • John Kirkham (MS), software developer, Janelia Farms.
Undergraduate Students
  • Cyrillus Tan. Current: grad student, UCLA.
  • Caroline Holmes. Currently: grad student at Princeton Physics PhD program.
  • Farhan Kamili. Currently: grad student at GT/Emory BME program.
Visiting/Rotating Graduate Students
  • Mahan Ghafari, 2015-16
  • Quentin Feltgen (ENS), 2013.
  • Xiang Cheng (Emory), 2011-2012.
  • Chloe Robins (Emory), 2012.
  • Bryan Daniels (Cornell), 2009. Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow at SFI.
  • Sean Escola (Columbia), 2006. Currently: Columbia University School of Medicine.
  • Michael Vidne (Columbia), 2006. Currently: grad students, applied math, Columbia U.
Visiting/Rotating Undergraduate Students
  • Rajiv Velury (Emory), 2013
  • Martin Halicek (GaTech), 2013
  • Rebecca Butterfield (Emory), 2012
  • Misha Shashkov (Berkeley), 2007-2008
  • Pradeep Bandaru (Columbia), 2008
  • Aly Pesic (Stanford), 2007