Minkevich and Nemenman, 1995b

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A Minkevich and I Nemenman. On the influence of gravitating vacuum on dynamics of homogeneous isotropic models in gauge-theories of gravity. Class. Quant. Grav., 12:1259-1265, 1995. PDF.

The analysis of solutions of gravitational equations for homogeneous isotropic models in presence of gravitating vacuum (cosmological constant chi) is given in the frame of various gauge theories of gravity on the basis of qualitative theory of dynamic systens. Equation of state of matter is given in the form of linear dependence of pressure on energy density with restriction . It is shown that regularization of metrics derivatives takes place in case of sufficiently high values of chi. Some regular in metrics solutions for superdence gravitating systems are obtained.
Russian language version of Minkevich and Nemenman, 1995b.