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Who am I?

You have come to the home of Ilya Nemenman.

I am a theoretical physicist educated mostly at Belarusian State and Princeton Universities and further trained as a postdoc at NEC Research Institute and Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. I am working to understand how biological systems, such as molecular circuits, entire cellular networks, single neurons, and whole brains, learn from their surrounding environment and respond to it (we call this "biological information processing").

Currently I am an Associate Professor at Emory University departments of Physics and Biology, affiliated with the University Computational and Life Sciences initiative. I am also affiliated with The New Mexico Consortium and The Center for Nonlinear Studies at LANL.

My family and I live in Atlanta, GA. During earlier stages of our lives we lived in Santa Fe, Minsk (Belarus), San Francisco Bay Area, Princeton (New Jersey), Santa Barbara (California), and New York City (one of my least favorite places to live on the face of the Earth; however, spending a few days there may be fun). We might have met there. If so, drop me a line.

Browse these pages. You will surely find many interesting things. Just don't forget to tell me if you find any mistakes.

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