Physics 434, 2014: Homework 3

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Please turn on the assignment either as a PDF file to me by email, or as a printout to my mailbox in physics. Detailed derivations (with explanations) and calculations must be present for the problems for full credit.

  1. Undergraduate students: Problem 5.1 in the Nelson's book.
  2. Undergraduate students: Problem 5.2 in the Nelson's book.
  3. Problem 5.3 in the Nelson's book.
  4. Problem 5.6 in the Nelson's book
  5. Calculate the drift and the diffusion constants for a random walk on a lattice with a lattice spacing of , where particles hop between the sites every units of time, and they have a probability of going left, and going right. What are these quantities if the particle goes to the left with the probability , to the right with , and stays in place with the probability ?
  6. Graduate students: Problem 5.11 in Nelson's book.
  7. Graduate students: Problem 5.13 in Nelson's book.
  8. Graduate students: Problem 5.14 in Nelson's book.