Physics 511A, 2013: Chapter 4, Volume 2. Electromagnetic field equations

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Homework Questions

  1. Verify explicitly the equivalence between Eqs. 26.5 and the first pair of Maxwell's equations, 26.1 and 26.2.
  2. Verify how the function transforms under reparameterization .
  3. Show that the four-current is a four-vector (for this you need to recall how densities and distributions transform, Chapter 1).
  4. Derive the expression for a magnetic field of a constant current line using Eq. 30.8
  5. Verify the charge continuity equation for a single moving charge.
  6. Explain how gauge invariance is a direct consequence of charge conservation under Lorentz transformations.
  7. Problem after Sec 33.
  8. Derive Eq 33.5.
  9. To the leading order in , what is the energy-momentum tensor of ordinary, nonrelativistic matter.
  10. Calculate for electromagnetic field with no charges.