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Updated by Ilya Jan 29, 2017.

Up to date citation information for my articles is available from my Google Scholar profile.

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Refereed Articles

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  6. K Leung, A Mohammadi, W Ryu, and I Nemenman, Stereotypical escape behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans allows quantification of nociceptive stimuli levels. PLOS Comp Biol 12 (12): e1005262. 2016. PDF, Abstract, arXiv.
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    • Appeared in RECOMB Systems Biology Satellite, 2010.
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    • This paper has been presented at the CNS'07 meeting and is available as: I Nemenman, G Lewen, W Bialek, and R de Ruyter van Steveninck. Neural coding of natural stimuli: information at sub-millisecond resolution. BMC Neurosci. 8 (Suppl 2):S7, 2007. PDF.
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    • Preliminary version: NIPS'05 Computational Biology Workshop.
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Unpublished Work

  1. K Wang, N Banerjee, A Margolin, I Nemenman, K Basso, R Dalla Favera, and A Califano. Conditional network analysis identifies candidate regulator genes in human B cells. Unpublished manuscript, 2005. PDF, arXiv, Abstract.
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